City Scrap Metal, Located in Lee’s Summit, MO

COVID-19 Update

We understand that we are in Lees Summit, but we are using the guidance from the Core 4 and KCMO. We are taking all the measures to provide a safe environment for our Employees and Customers.

We have implemented the following Policy for enforcing the Social Distancing of 6 feet between Employees and Customers:

  • Allowing only 2 vehicles into the yard at a time and use of Personal Protective Gear at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to all customers and employees.
  • Limiting Employee Break rooms to 1 employee at a time.
  • Employees are to stay home if they are sick.
Aluminum Beverage Can Procedure
Customers will be removing aluminum beverage cans from their own bags or their other containers used to deliver aluminum beverage cans. It is recommended that customers bring their own face masks, rubber gloves, safety glasses, and any other personal protective equipment.
Customers will place their own aluminum beverage cans in a provided empty and disinfected can basket for inspection and weighing. Customers will remove all contaminates from their aluminum beverage cans. City Scrap Metal will provide a disinfected mechanical grabber for the customers to remove contaminants from their own aluminum beverage cans. Only empty aluminum beverage cans can be in the basket prior to weighing and dumping. No foil, no steel cans, no plastic bottles, no trash. Only empty aluminum beverage cans.
Hand sanitizer will be provided for the customers to clean their hands after they place their aluminum beverage cans in the provide baskets and remove their contaminates. Once the aluminum beverage cans have passed inspection, the basket will be weighed, and a ticket will be made showing the net weight (gross weight minus the weight of the can basket) of the customers aluminum beverage cans. That ticket can be redeemed for money based on the current used aluminum beverage can market minus our costs and profits.
Provided can baskets will be dumped into a roll off container using a pole to remain hands free from touching the cans or the can basket. Any cans that fall out of the roll off will be picked up using a hands free mechanical grabber.
Immediately after dumping; the basket, mechanical grabber, and pole will be disinfected before another customer or employee can use the basket, mechanical grabber, or pole.
Employees of City Scrap Metal always need to follow all CDC Guidelines for proper hand washing and other necessary steps to remain healthy.

At City Scrap Metal Inc., we are passionate about our Earth and the valuable resources it consists of. Creating a more sustainable world is a driving factor in our recycling of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. We make it our mission extend the lifespan of Earth’s resources and provide competitive pricing and quality service, all while keeping safety and the environment at the forefront of everything we do. City Scrap Metal Inc. is a scrap processing company. We take small and large lots of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. We then separate, clean, and package the material, making feedstock for primary and secondary metal mills in the United States and abroad. Please call us for more details!

City Scrap Metal Store Front
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Aluminum Beverage Cans – Now Accepting

Shreddable Steel $80/ton

In an effort to stay open during the Coronavirus Pandemic, City Scrap Metal is implementing the following Policies
1. Social Distancing! Give our staff members 6 feet between you and them. Do not congregate at doorways or scale areas. My staff will weigh and grade your materials using the skills they have learned through extensive training.
2. Review your scrap ticket before leaving the scale area. Address all problems with the scale men before leaving the scale area. This will speed up time spent at the cashier windows.
3. Customers will be unbagging their own cans. Hoppers will be provided for you to empty your bags, you will remove all contaminants, and you will be discarding your own wastes. Bring in clean bags of only used aluminum beverage cans. Nothing else in the bags. No aluminum foil, no food cans, no trash. Nothing else!
4. Have your valid drivers license out and ready for the cashiers.
5. Respect our efforts. Recycling is important. Allow us to help you continue to recycle scrap metal and provide you some additional income in these uncertain times.


Monday 8-4:30 | Tuesday 8-4:30 | Wednesday Closed to the Public | Thursday 8-4:30 | Friday 8-4:30 | Saturday 8-12 | Sunday Closed

**We will be closed Monday May 31st**

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