City Scrap Metal, Inc.’s Compliance Information

Bring your items to 1638 SE Decker Street in Lee’s Summit, MO.  We will happily assist you in unloaded your vehicle.  We weigh everything by grade on certified scales that you are welcome to view.  Once weighed, you will receive a weight ticket that you will take to one of the two pay windows along with your valid state issued picture ID (expired or voided is not valid).  Please review your ticket to insure that everything is correct (we are human, mistakes can happen).  Once satisfied, sign and get paid!!  It’s that easy!!

City Scrap Metal, Inc. strictly follows all laws governing the recycling industry set by the State of Missouri and the City of Lee’s Summit.

Valid State Issued Picture I.D. is required.  Expired I.D.s are not valid.  Preferred form is a state issued Driver’s License.

Policy covering Purchase of Aluminum Copper Radiators, Clean Aluminum Copper Radiators, Unclean Aluminum Copper Radiators, Aluminum Copper Radiator Ends, Sealed Units or Compressors (Components from Air Conditioners)
Effective July 14, 2014, City Scrap Metal, will only purchase ACRs, Clean ACRs, Unclean ACRs, ACR Ends and Sealed Units or Compressors if the customer can provide one of the following:

  1. Customer can provide an EPA License
  2. Customer can provide a receipt for replacement of the air conditioning unit or part
  3. Letter from the HVAC business releasing the material to the customer. Letter must state that all refrigerant was removed per EPA Regulations.
  4. Payment can be issued to a Business

During each transaction:
1.  The weight, quantity, or volume of the acquired regulated metal property is recorded.
2.  An image of the person receiving payment for the material is captured.
3.  Each customer must sign their ticket prior to payment being issued stating the regulated metal property is his own personal property, free of encumbrances, is not stolen and that he has permission to sell the item.
4.  A check is issued for payments $500 and greater.
5.  A copy is made of the seller’s valid driver’s license or photo identification issued by a state or United States Government.  It is up to City Scrap Metal to decide if the picture identification is allowable.
6.  A record of the vehicle used to deliver the material is recorded; license plate number, make, model, and color.

City Scrap Metal Policy for Payments to Businesses
Effective 11/21/2016. In an effort to insure that businesses receive payments made for materials owned by a business but delivered by someone other than the owner, City Scrap Metal will write a check for any dollar amount to the business unless the following conditions apply. (Please note that it is the responsibility of the person delivering the product to be scrapped to let City Scrap Metal know that the material is owned by a business.)
1. Person delivering the material is the owner or executive of the business.
2. Owner or executive of the business can provide a document on company letter head stating that it is ok to pay the person delivering the material either cash if under $500 or a check if $500 or more.

City Scrap reserves the right to refuse any item at our discretion.
Please call to see if City Scrap Metal can accept your material 816-525-4322

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